Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanks for Being Different

A good friend of mine was expressing his frustration to me about how his wife was so different than him. The beginning of the conversation started with the typical marital complaints, one's the organizer, one's not and so on. By the end of 15 minutes it had deteriorated to, " If I say the sky is blue, she will say light blue, with a shade of pink." Of course that part was said with a girly voice and the distorted face. So I asked him to imagine that everything that he said and did would be agreed with by his wife. Of course this comment was recieved with a cynical smile. I pressed on, " Imagine that everything you and her thought about was the same. Then imagine that everyone in the world shared all your same thoughts and beliefs. What kind of a world might that be? Everyone would take the same short cuts to work and they would no longer be short cuts. Everyone would compete for the same jobs, with the same qualifications. The shows on TV would be few since the demand would be exactly the same. What kind of a world would you have? What kind of a marriage would you have? Welcome your wife's differences", I suggested. "Take the opportunity to realize we need other perspectives so that we can grow and so that life can be exciting."

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This comment has nothing to do with your post. However, I do want to say I am very impressed.