Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Do You See?

What do you see in this picture?

Do you see a storm approaching or the skies clearing?

Do you see an eroding shore line or an endless beach?

Does the thought of traversing to the other side, tire you or excite you?

Are you overwhelmed by the challenging terrain or taken back by the beauty and variety of the landscape?

Are you disappointed with the lack of sunlight or satisfied with the absence of rain?

Is this a silent landscape with light sounds of calm oceans and distant rain, or is it filled with thunder and crashing waves?

Our perception can change how we feel about things which in turn, can change how we feel. When we learn how to have a glass empty way of looking at things, we can spiral into a negative spin that can eventually lead to depression. What is hard to realize is that it is all based on how we look at things. The picture above illustrates how so many different feelings and perception can come from the same thing. Someone who has a “glass full” kind of mentality, can tell you the wonders of this picture while others may not. How is it possible to have two different descriptions of the same thing? The only plausible answer is that there are two different perceptions. From the moment we open our eyes every morning we are bombarded with a constant slideshow of pictures. In nanoseconds we form perceptions of what we are seeing. We have it within ourselves to decide what direction we want to take with our perceptions  and in turn where they will take us. Reality will never change but our perception of reality can. Change your perception and watch how an incredible world with everything in it, will unfold for you.


Kiki said...

amen! Every morning when I look at the disasterous mess in my living room I think, Gosh, I LOVE having most of my kids and grandkids living here and suddenly the mess becomes decoration:)

Td said...

This is why lots of people have bad days or are just unhappy.

Great post. Love you tio =)

Alex said...

I am really happy to see that you not only read my Daily Dumbbells but share your ideas by posting.

"I love you T"

Kiki said...

and what am I? chopped liver? :) J/K Alex, so glad you are BACK!!

Alex said...

Kiki, When the disasterous mess is gone and the house is perfect and quite is when I will feel sorry for you.
Thanks for all your support and chopeed liver you are not.

Kiki said...

Amen! :)