Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Your Lifetime

Your estimated lifespan is 75 Years. That's 900months or 3,900 weeks or 27,375 days or 657,000 hours or 39,420,000 minutes or 2,365,200,000 seconds. In that time:

A person who lives to be 80 years old will sleep 233,600 hours / 9,733 days or 33 percent of their life.

For a 75 year old person with average tendencies, he/she will spend 3,650 hours on the toilet over the course of a lifetime.

The average person will spend an estimated 20,160 min kissing in their lifetime. (If your Latin you may half to double that)

A Child in the US will spend an average of 900 hours a year in school.

Women will spend 5 1/2  years on the phone in an average lifetime

The average person will spend 6 years and ten months eating in his or her 70 year life time.

The average person will spend 9 years watching TV in their lifetime

According to US dept. of Labor people in the US spend at least 1896 hours per year at work. That’s 89,112 in a life time (18-65). 3,713 DAYS

When we look at all of these statistics from a lifetime view, we are amazed at how many minutes, hours or days, we will actually spend doing things. We don’t really realize the enormity of what lies ahead of us. It is for this very reason that we are told to live our lives, “one day at a time.” When we tell ourselves all the things we have to do (on a given day) it is like reading to yourself all the statistics that are written above. We overwhelm ourselves. It’s torture as we reminding ourselves of every last thing that we need to do and how hard these things will be. Of course doing this only makes it harder. As our chest tighten and our level of anxiety grows, we find it difficult to start the very first of the things we need to do. We need to live our lives one minute at a time. We should face what is right in front of us and do it the best we can at that moment. The only way we can truly be at our best is if we are living in that moment, rather than worrying about what is coming next. Most of the time what we think will happen and how it will happen, rarely occurs. I realize we all need to plan and that part of planning is looking forward but once the planning is done, focus on each task as it arrives. We will feel good that whatever we were able to complete that day, was done to the best of our ability. At the end of the day, what was done was done, tomorrow will be another day. Remember, life will go on without you, but you can’t go without life. Don’t just go through the motions of life, live every moment of your life. One last stat, we spend approx 80 hours of our lifetime tying our shoes.

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Td said...

Have you been talking to josh? You've been nailing a lot of things going on with me lately or just thoughts lol ..Just two days ago I was super stressed and when Josh kept asking what was going on almost everything I said had to do with things down the road (things that don't need to be stressing me out at this point in time). I liked this post, hearing something more than once tends to make it stick.