Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slurpee Time!

This afternoon while traveling from one of my job sites to the other, I stopped at a 7-Eleven for a drink. As I entered the store, I was distracted by a few kids that were in the back of the store laughing and fooling around near the drink machine. As I approached them, I realized that they were actually getting Slurpees. I strolled around them as if though waiting for the soda machine, while secretly just waiting for them to leave so I could fill my own Slurpee and not look like the 40 year old kid that I really am. Once they left, I took the medium size cup out (after considering the WWF 3D cup), placed the lid on it and began filling it up. Although I did stop prior to it filling all the way, I suddenly found myself engulfing the top of the lid, to avoid the volcanic eruption that was now running down my hand. After carefully looking to make sure that no one had noticed, I proceeded to the cashier with a John Travolta kinda strut (Cue staying alive music) in an attempt to soften the impact of me walking around with a Cherry Slurpee and most likely what looked like lipstick, after my earlier attempt to stop Mt St Helens Slurpee eruption. Once at the counter, I caught a glimpse of a box of colorful, metal, possibly aluminum straws, that they were selling for Slurpees. “What kind of a moron buys a metal straw for Slurppes when the plastic ones are free?” So I bought one, opened it and placed it in the Slurpee. As if magic, the straw instantaneously frosted. Of course I was all out of pennies, so I paid for it the next best way, with my debit card. I finally slithered back to my car, started it up and took the long anticipated sip. With that one sip, I was young again. I remembered all the times me and my sister would walk to the store to buy slurppes. I remembered begging my mom and dad for them. I remembered having them after soccer practice. Most importantly, what I remembered with that one sip was that happiness can be something as simple as buying a cherry slurpee in the middle of your work day, if we would only stop to take the time to enjoy it.


td said...

I love slurpees!

For everyone who reads Alex's posts and do not know him, he is the best story teller. Whenever he tells me about something he always has the best facial expressions and reenacts everything soooo well, I always laugh =)

That's a funny sitution. It's like when someone catches me watching spongebob square pants or a movie like cats vs. dogs. There are many things I still do or may like that other people may find 'immature', but I think its movies like cats vs dogs or getting a slurpee after work that keeps you youthful. I think engaging in some of the things that we liked when we were little not only bring back memories, but keep us happy (well it keeps me happy lol).

Another great post, love you tio!

Mary L. said...

I am so craving a Slurpee after reading that! Did you get your free Slurpee on 7/11? (it was free Slurpee day)