Friday, February 26, 2010

The Cue Ball

I always was a big fan of billiards and I spent many years trying to perfect the game. Throughout the years,  you would hear people talking about how incredible the professionals were. Most of the comments were focused on how they could make any shot. As I learned more about the game, I found out it wasn’t their ability to make the difficult shots that made them great but instead, it was their ability to never have a hard shot to take. This is not to say that the professionals are not perfectly capable of making difficult shots but more that they never needed to. The real pros, would masterfully manipulate the cue ball after every shot, leaving it right where it needed to be for the next shot. In turn, they rarely were faced with difficult shots.
 Do we spend our lives trying to master difficult shots or master the art of manipulating our lives so that the difficult shots are not needed? We need to take more time in reading the table and preparing for the next shot as oppose to just getting up there and banging away with a stick, hoping for something to fall in and watching the cue ball run around afterwards In the hope that our next shot will be an easy one. Lastly, all masters of their craft take time to reflect. Reflecting gives us an opportunity to learn and it must be done not just after every game but after every shot.

Our choices, though similar to the choices on a pool table, have one big difference, you don’t get a re-rack.

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