Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pushing Yourself

If I find it easy to diet but you don’t, am I accomplishing something by maintaining my weight? If I effortlessly get good grades while someone else works endlessly to get the same grades, should I be proud of my grades? Should I look down upon and criticize those who can’t do the things I can do, while doing those very things with little sacrifice and effort? It’s the effort that should be respected and admired. It’s the effort that one should take pride in. We are all capable of different things and some of us excel in some, more than others. We shouldn’t beat our chest at the accomplishments we have been able to achieve but instead, push ourselves on to the ones we struggle to accomplish. Too many times, we bask in the glory of things that we have done with little effort because we compare them to the effort it may take others, to do those same things. Instead, we should push ourselves to accomplish the things that are not easy for us, while they may be easy to others. It’s at this point that we become more understanding and forgiving of the things that others may not be able to accomplish as easily as we can. Our disapproval fades and makes way for understanding and compassion.
“When you spend your day pushing yourself, to do the things that don’t come easy, you will find more compassion and less time, to push others, for the things that don’t come easy to them.”

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