Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Understand Their Game

We have all heard the saying, “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. I would suggest, “don’t hate the player, understand their game”. All of us have different gifts that we are born with. We see people with the gift of gab, comedy, intelligence, street smarts, beauty and many more. From an early age, we learn to use these gifts and some come more naturally than others. We learn which ones are the most effective for us and naturally tend to focus on those more than the ones that are not.

Since all of this seems to make perfect sense, why is it that we get down on people for using the very things that they have learned work for them? I hear some people talking down about others that may only use their intelligence and are uninterested in their appearance. Just the same, I hear the opposite complaints about people being so concerned about their looks while paying little attention to intelligence. What do you expect from either party? Would you expect someone who is extremely intelligent but not particularly good looking, to focus on looks? That wouldn’t make any sense. What would you expect from a major league pitcher, who can throw 103 MPH? Yeah!!! a fast ball. You wouldn’t criticize him for not throwing his mediocre curve ball, you would admire his fast ball and understand why he throws it. He would also be a fool to throw anything else.

We need the variety of people in the world like the, Bill Gates, the Eddy Murphys, the Mike Rowes and yes, even the Paris Hiltons. I say,
Don’t hate the player, understand their game”.


Mary Lee said...

GREAT Post! Well written and to the point. : ) Love ya!

Kiki said...

gee, I must be using my intelligence a lot these days;)