Monday, March 9, 2009


Winning isn’t about a final score or a trophy, it’s about overcoming your fears and the obstacles put in front of you, while trying to achieve a goal. Don’t put all of your focus on the end results while ignoring your efforts. It’s the effort that makes us winners. It’s fighting through the tough times and pushing ourselves when we think we can’t go anymore, that is the true test of whether or not we are winners. Both of my daughters played in a soccer tournament this weekend. Although neither one of their teams made it to the finals, both of my daughters were winners. They never gave up, when giving up would have been easy. They kept running, when their bodies were telling them to stop. They went up against bigger opponents and did not let their fears stop them from challenging. They gave everything they had and as a result, left the field as winners. They both are winners as players, winners as individuals and most importantly winners in life.
I hope what they did this weekend will translate into what they do in life.

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