Thursday, March 5, 2009

I want to "Pump You Up"

I learned a long time ago that people have the unique ability to pump other people up. In Spanish this can also be known as “Dandole Cranque.” We are all different and therefore have different expectations. What bothers me, may not bother you. Sometimes others are more bothered by something than we ourselves are but in their frustration of the situation, they try to convince us that we should be bothered as well.
I once had someone convince me that I was not only entitled to a raise but that if I did not get one, I should threaten to quit. I was young and impressionable so I went into work the next day and demanded a raise. The following day, I was out of a job and confused as to what had happened. The very same person who had egged me on was asking, “What are you going to do now?” I wanted to kill them. I learned that week, what a mistake I had made and eventually returned to work, with my tail between my legs and managed to get my job back. I learned a valuable lesson and have never forgotten it. Only I know all the facts of my situations. Only I will be left to deal with the consequences of my decisions. Listen to what others say and feel about the situation but don't allow them to "Pump You Up." Go with what you know. Let YOUR compass, be your guide.

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That's a good point!