Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Destination Unknown

How crazy would it sound if I told you I was headed out on vacation and didn’t know where I was going. Imagine you see me loading up my family, with all of our luggage and when you ask where we are going, I casualy respond, “I don’t know.” To add to what already sounds crazy, you see me pull out a map and a weather forecast report. Then as you continue to watch in amazement, I start to vocally express my concerns about things like, tire wear, fuel consumption, food quantities, hotels and all the other items involved in the trip. I would have to assume that at some point you would stop me and ask the inevitable questions, “How do you know what you need if you don’t even know where you’re going and why are you so preoccupied with the items you will need, as opposed to where it is you're going.”

What’s our destination in life? Where is it that we are headed? How are we able to prepare daily, for a destination unknown? We need to set some goals (destinations), whether they are yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily. If we don’t know where you’re going, how can you possibly prepare for the journey? Before deciding our destinations, we need to make sure if we choose to go skiing, we don’t mind the cold weather that comes with it. In other words we need to take a look at the destination we have chosen and understand what is involved in getting there. We need to be prepared to pay the tolls that are sure to come along the way. Once we have decided where it is we are going, we can sit back and enjoy the journey. There will be plenty of great things to experience along the way.

Added bonus: Choosing a goal is most of the work. Once we have a goal in mind and we keep it in our daily thoughts, it seems to just come without a great deal of effort. My belief is that in having those goals in our daily thoughts, it causes our decision making to be focused on achieving that goal and therefore things seem to happen naturally.


Mary said...

I am a die hard user of the Franklin Covey daily planner. You would LOVE their seminars if you ever get a chance to go. Their "basic" class is called "What Matters Most" and the basic concept is this - if I tell you that there is nothing more important to me than my family, then you should be able to pick up my calendar or to do list and see that reflected.

Alex said...

Let me know when the next one is and I will go. I am a sucker for those kind of things and i am sure to get more out of it than just how to keep a day planner.