Friday, November 13, 2009

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

One of the things I have noticed is that the true purpose or point of many of the things we do get lost in the process of doing them. For example, something as simple as a women’s haircut can become overly involved. I assume we all go in to get our hair cuts with one purpose, looking good. Somehow along the way, it becomes about with who and where. Then it continues to become more involved by what you will wear to get this haircut. Once you arrive, there may be espressos accompanied by finger foods and idle chatter. Three hours later you’re walking out feeling like a goddess or crying and wondering why you ever let these barbarians touch your perfect head. The reality is that no matter how great of a job they do, two days later your back to running around doing the everyday things and your hair is the least of your worries. Of course, I am a huge advocate of enjoying the process, which is my point. Many of us turn a simple task (haircut) into a complicated process (trip to the salon)and then don’t enjoy the process while it is taking place.

So maybe the trip to the salon isn’t the most universal example but we all have simple task that we over complicate and then complain or don’t enjoy the very process we created. No matter what it is you set out to do, take a look at what the real purpose is and then see if you are overcomplicating the process. If you are, then ask why and if it is for other reasons (like a day of pampering) then enjoy your creation while it is taking place. I would suggest that in many cases we overcomplicate things for all the wrong reasons and create our own frustrations. It’s getting caught up in the rat race or the blinding of our vanity that can make us lose sight of the purpose.

It’s really quite simple, if you want a simple life, keep things simple and a simple life you will have.


Anonymous said...

Hey I never get any espressos or finger food at my salon.....I am gonna have to do what you keep telling me not to do.... Complain! LOL Just kidding!

All joking aside...Life as we know it is so hectic, that even the most silliest of tasks can become a nightmare! We all tend to get so caught up in the steps to get our tasks accomplished, that we forget to enjoy the experience alltogether. Before we know it, it has passed us by and we missed out. Second chances don't always come around in life, so maybe we should wake up and smell the espresso and live life to the brim and beyond. I am not an espresso person so make mine a hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream on top!

P.S. I don't think bald people are probably feeling you too much with this blog...Hee Hee! Looking forward to Monday's blog..Have a great weekend!

Diana Banana

Alex said...

Well put Diana. Have a great weekend and keep the comments going.