Monday, March 22, 2010

Responsibility = Potential ////////////////////// Comparison = Complacency

Would you expect the same play in basketball from a tall player than you would from a short player? Would you expect the same performance from a naturally gifted singer than you would from an average person who has not been given such a gift? What about that one student who barely studies but always get the highest grades, would you expect the same results from the average student? Would you expect the same behavior from a man than you would expect from a woman? People come in different shapes, sizes and natural talent. Everyone’s potential although similar, have obvious differences. It’s our responsibility to push ourselves to reach our own individual potential without comparing our success to those around us. Using some of the examples above, imagine Shaquille O'Neal bragging to you about how much better he is at basketball than Celine Dion. Wouldn’t that be absurd? Imagine that he used her basketball potential to define his success and then ask yourself if he would have ever reached his full potential. What if Celine Dion compared her singing to his and focused her success on her ability to out sing him. I could say the same about the student who everything comes easier to. How far would they go if they based their success on their ability to outperform the average student?
Comparing ourselves to others is natural but using it as an excuse to not reach our individual potential is complacency. What are the gifts you have been given? Are you reaching your full potential? Put blinders on and move forward, there are no limitations when you are on your path to your full potential.

Bonus: When you really understand that we all have different gifts you won’t take it so personally when others aren’t able to share yours. I can’t imagine a pianist getting mad at someone who can’t play the piano, so why would you get mad at someone who maybe can’t communicate the way you do.

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