Monday, March 15, 2010

We Can't Compute

We tend to limit what we think can exist by the way that our own minds understand things. Just the same, we tend to limit what one can accomplish by what we have accomplished and or think we can accomplish. Yet if we look around the world, we see things we don’t understand and people doing things we never thought could be done. Most of these things we will never understand and or be able to accomplish but it will not stop us from using them and or believing they exist. A microwave somehow manages to heat up our food and pop our popcorn yet no one really seems to care how or why, as long as it does its job. I am sure very few could really explain how it works. The amount of information stored on a computer chip is equally just as difficult to understand and explain, yet we all use them daily. Just the same, we have all seen things we never thought possible become possible and it was those who believed they could do these things, that persevered.
I have come to believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that we must have faith that although we may not understand how it all works, or be able to explain it to one another, it’s important to just believe that it’s for a reason and just “pop the popcorn.” Although we ourselves could not possibly understand the complexity of how everything could be interconnected and guided by one force, the force can. Try to imagine the amount of information that a computer is computing at one moment in time as you surf the internet. Do you think you could do the same or even begin to explain it? If the most powerful computers in the world can do what they do, isn’t it reasonable to assume that the most powerful force in the universe can handle each and everyone one of our seemingly complicated lives, in a nanosecond?
We can’t compute but we can believe and have faith. Believing is what brings us to that place where we can put a bag full of kernels in a metal box, push a few buttons and wait around for three minutes in the hope that when we open the door, popcorn will be there waiting for us. This blind faith comes from our experiences in the past. So I guess the question is, when you look at the overall picture hasn’t it all worked out in the past?


Mary said...

Great post. It is so true. When I found out I was pregnant for the 4th time, I thought: how could I possibly handle FOUR kids AND work?!? (Sofia was just 16 months old!) THEN I found out I was having TWINS! lol It was God telling me, "You are right. You can't handle 4, so here's 5!" And not only have we been able to handle it, but handle it well and having a great time!

Kiki said...

Another GREAT one Alex. I think God probably really enjoys my stubborness, it must gives him hours of uproarious laughter...(Psst, angels, come here, there is that idiot again thinking the worst case scenario...let's watch!) So many times I am angry at the situations that seem to come our way with much regularity and dont see a way out and then I remember the last time that happened and how God used those things for our good and for His glory. Why don't I just remember that first and save myself days and months (sometimes years) of pain and agony???